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Hello! We are Tim and Martha Whiting from Baldwinsville, NY. If you’re like most people, you’re wondering how we got into this line of business.

First of all, we have always been animal lovers!  Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of caring for dogs, cats, lizards, snakes, chickens, turkeys, fish, and rats. Well, back in 2007, our 3 awesome kiddos convinced us to add 2 guinea pigs to our menagerie of pets. So we marched down to the local family-owned pet shop and brought home 2 adorable piggies, along with 2 of everything a guinea pig needs to be happy, healthy and completely entertained.

After a few weeks of using expensive and messy disposable bedding in the guinea pig cage, we invented Piggy BedSpreads, the first commercially available washable, reusable bedding for guinea pigs, along with a full line of accessories as well.  So we’ve been blessed to serve the guinea pig community now for over a decade and have tens of thousands of happy customers.

Our oldest son Patrick, is now on his own, has purchased his first home, and is the proud caretaker of a wonderful ferret named Benny!  Now that we’re “grand parents” to a playful, loving ferret, we just couldn’t help ourselves from spoiling Benny with all the finest things!  So we created a line of products to make Benny’s life and all ferrets, chinchillas and ratties lives better.  We like to say we transform cages into castles!

Our cage liners for Ferret Nation/Critter Nation cages were an instant hit on Amazon and Etsy, and are now available here at FabulousFerret.com, along with a line of wonderful accessories.